My Randomness

This past Wednesday I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with Michelle. We drove down Wednesday morning, went to the park, spent the night at a hotel and drove back Thursday. We chose a Wednesday because we figured there would be the least amount of people in the middle of the week, and there were. We road Goliath 3 times, Scream 3 times, Batman twice, Superman twice, Tansu, X2, Colossus, Ninja, The Green Lanter, and Viper. These were the biggest, fastest, and craziest roller coasters ever. More than one of them were like normal roller coasters with flips, cork screws and drops, but then the seat you were in, also rotated, adding another degree of motion that you were going through throughout the ride. The first one confused the shit out of me cause I had no idea what which direction I was facing or moving in. 

X2: Was Just confused.

Tansu: You lay on your stomach, first front flip I’ve ever done on a roller coaster.

The Green Lantern: The two guys on the other side of us were screaming like little girls. Wasn’t that scary, fun though.

Colossus: 215 feet tall, 85 mph. Best roller coaster that doesn’t include going upside down. We had to be pulling close to 3 Gs at the end.

Batman: Thought it was going to be like Top Gun at Great America, it wasn’t, it was better. And there was no one there so we road it twice without getting off.

Superman: 1 hour wait, but so awesome we road it twice. The second at night, you can see a long ways 415 feet in the air.